neigeOne day of August 2013, as I was walking in the “Deported Street” in the city of Metz (in the Queuleu area), the name of this street stroke me. As an artist, I had to find an idea to bring this name « alive ». The news do show us that for many people around the world, freedom is still threatened or inexistant. I needed to express my indignation.

During one year, once a week, a picture of me was taken at the same place, near this street-sign, with the same dress that represents the fragility of the human faced with the oppressor and in the posture imposed by repeated and endless roll calls .

These pictures were made 70 years after this terrible period of incarceration when the prisoners waited before being deported. The succession of seasons enhances the extreme length of the imprisonment and the tortures in the Queuleu Fort – but also in the other camps.

My hair – completely shaved on the first day – growing again, symbolizes hope, reconstruction, life’s strength and the ability to go on with life after the extermination, despite the millions of deaths.

With this exhibition I wish I make this street-sign come to live in this peaceful area, near the Queuleu Fort. I wish I can contribute to the memory’s work about the deportation during the Second World War (resistant fighters, Jewish, homosexuals, communist, Gypsy, artists…), but also about the crimes against humanity which are still perpetrated all around the world.

I would like to pay tribute to all humiliated et sacrificed victims… and to the last survivors.

Angélique BÈGUE

Text : Annick MONNIER
Translation : CERD

© 2019 Annick MONNIER